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Talento Fund

Program aimed at talented students who are in their last 6 months. The conditions for entering the Fund do not have any negative report in the risk centers, no more of the subjects have been lost during the academic period and the selection process is satisfactorily fulfilled.

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It is an initiative of IOM (International Organization for Migration) with social investment from USAID, in partnership with Zigma Foundation and Lumni Colombia SAS, whose objective is to contribute to improving the quality of life of the Indigenous population of Colombian descent, of municipalities prioritized through access and permanence to higher education.

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Daniel Rojas Mora Fund

Is an initiative of the Daniel Rojas Mora Foundation, born of a sense of Social Responsibility, with those students who desire and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. One of the founder’s interests is to support the academic preparation of the students as a mechanism of personal and professional growth in the country, as well as “to stimulate their entrepreneurial skills, so that their action contributes to the economic and social development of the country”

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Bicentenario Oil Pipe Foundation

An initiative of the Bicentenario Oil Pipeline Foundation in agreement with Icetex, which supports the higher education of young people from Tame, Fortul y Saravena (Arauca), through a scholarship covering the enrollment costs and expenses.

FEPOS – Educational Fund for Professinalization Postobón

An initiative of Postobón. Its goal is to financially support their employees so they can attend processes of professionalization, in other words, all those undergraduate and postgaduate programs to access the job market or to improve their position.

Cerrejon Educational Excellence Fund

This program aims at answering the access and continuation difficulties of low-income young Guajiros in their higher education from the Department of La Guajira, those who stand out due to their academic excellence. It sponsors the enrollment and expenses, and works under the framework of human capital contracts.

EDUCA – Education for Casanare

An initiative of Equion Energía, which supports college education of the best school graduates from the municipalities of Yopal, Aguazul, and Tauramena, who wish to study some of the programs offered by the Unitropico College Foundation and Unisangil, granting a scholarship which includes the enrollment fees and an additional support for expenses.

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EDUPAZ – Fund for Peace Education

An initiavie of Coltabaco, Philip Morris, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) along with the ACR, which seek to consolidate the creation of peace processes in Colombia, supporting vulnerable young peoples, victims of illegal armed groups, receptive communities, and people in the process of reintegration to civil life, so they can have access to technical, technician, and professional studies.

FIS – Social Inclusion Educational Fund

An initiative of the Nutresa Group, the Bavaria Foundation, and the Inter-American Development Bank, which promotes and provides access to undergraduate studies for indigenous peoples and Afrodescendants in Colombia. The fund supports all technical, technician, and professional programs, covering enrollment and/or expenses costs.

Bavaria Opportunities Fund

A program of the Bavaria Foundation, which through the Opportunities Fund sponsors the higher education of the children and grandchildren of their clerks and communities close to their value chain, supporting 80% of their enrollment fees in technical, technician, and professional programs in any institution nationwide endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

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