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Students who are currently attending college in the last 3 years of their studies, and who request financial aid for enrollment and/or support, regardless of the major or university.


Students who have been accepted into a postgraduate program or are currently studying in any university, and who need financial aid for enrollment or support.

Documents Required

Undergraduate students

– Being Mexican

– Excellent credit records

– Grade point average 8.0 or higher

Postgraduate students

– Mexican nationality or residence

– Excellent credit records

– Grades average 8.0 or higher

Partner Educational Institutions

Application Process

Our application process is carried out similarly in our countries, and it consists of six stages:

Our Funds

101 fund

The 101 Fund has been designed for students who are currently studying or wish to join a face-to-face postgraduate program in Mexico or abroad.

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100 Fund

This fund’s main objective is to support those students who have already finished half of their university semesters and who need financial support for enrollment or expenses.

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