Educational Institutions

Lumni works directly with colleges & universities to help manage and expand the resources dedicated to making attendance affordable.

Whether a university, community college, or training institute, Lumni’s funds can help you meet your goals including:

– Attract and retain a diverse student body

– Provide access for underserved populations

– Raise academic standards by recruiting from a broader population

– Improve retention rates for students working their way through school

– Manage your existing scholarship funds more efficiently

Case Study: Universidad de San Sebastian, Chile

The University of San Sebastian partnered with Lumni to create opportunities for talented, low-income students – those who would typically not be able to attend college – to access a world-class education. The fund supports gifted young adults who wish to become teachers, and in the process, creates a series of benefits for the students themselves, the University, and Chilean society in general. Students are able to improve the future outlook for their lives through a college education. The University is benefiting by attracting some of the country’s brightest young minds, in the process raising academic standards for everyone. The investment is particularly important because selected students have chosen teaching as their profession. As a result, graduates provide a stream of talented, motivated young teachers who return to their hometowns with the training and motivation to improve education in their communities


Lumni works with corporate partners to design and manage educational funds that employ Lumni’s innovative financing methodology to meet the specific needs and interests of the corporate partner: from hiring and retaining excellent employees to creating a sense of good will within community of their employees and customers.

Projects may focus on providing employees with the training they need to advance professionally or may support educational opportunities for talented low-income students without other resources.

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Case Study: FAB 1, Lumni Chile

The FAB1 fund has financed 50 Chilean undergraduate students, each with extremely high academic and professional potential, but limited family resources to complete their degree. In addition to financing, Lumni has supported students with career coaching and networking services. Since the Fund’s inception seven years ago, graduates have gone on to surpass all expectations and become young leaders in their fields. The fund has enjoyed extremely low default with under 3% of graduates are delinquent in their payments at any one time. And even during the recent economic downturn, graduates showed substantially lower unemployment and higher salary growth than their peers. As a result, investors have earned nearly twice the fund’s 10% expected financial return on investment.

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Sponsorships and Alliances

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Lumni provides opportunities for individuals and institutions to make an investment in impact funds with both social and financial returns

Impact investment funds designed by Lumni invest in the education of diversified pools of students. Each student then repays his or her obligation as a fixed percentage of income for a set a period of time.

For each fund, Lumni’s analysts forecast individual students’ income curves and align student selection and contract pricing with stated objectives for financial and social return. Although the salary of any individual student is impossible to predict, Lumni pools these idiosyncratic risks through a portfolio of students.

Lumni’s model includes the personal and professional support given to students during both their studies and working period.

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Become a Mentor

The mentoring program links a student with a successful professional who wishes to guide him/her voluntarily in the process of building up their professional careers and, at the same time, plan a course of personal growth

If you have 10+ years of professional experience, are passionate on giving back to society, and would like to participate in this voluntary mentoring program, contact us!

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