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Belonging to an Associated Educational Institution (found below this section)

Study a sponsored career, related to administration, accounting, economics, engineering, corporate law or organizational psychology.

Take at least the 7th cycle for university level or 4th cycle for technical level.


Present the Admission Letter or be studying a graduate program in Peru or abroad.

Have at least 2 years of professional experience.

Documents Required

Undergraduate students

– Record of grades with the grades of all the cycles completed to date, remembering that they must be approving.

– Curriculum Vitae updated.

– Positive personal credit report issued by a credit bureau.

Postgraduate students

– Letter of acceptance of the graduate program.

– Curriculum Vitae documented and with 3 work references.

– Three last payment slips or affidavit of income.

– Resume, including certificates and 3 work references.

– Positive personal credit report issued by a credit bureau.

Partner Educational Institutions

Application Process

Our application process is carried out similarly in our countries, and it consists of six stages:

Our funds

Talento Posgrado Fund

As part of our commitment to your future, we help you finance your postgraduate studies so you can keep developing your career and expand your working opportunities.

Talento Pregrado Fund

Since 2013, the Talento Pregrado Fund is an investment initiative carried out by investors seeking to finance higher education of young talented students as of their third semester in the following majors: Economic Sciences, Business Sciences, and all engineerings of the associated educational institutions. As of 2016, we are financing students in the 2nd half of their studies.

Application Process PERU

To start a application process with Lumni Peru you must comply with our Evaluation Prerequisites. Our process lasts an average of 4 weeks.

If you have questions or questions about the process