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At Lumni, we do things differently. First and foremost, our goal is to help you succeed in college and in your career. To do that, we help you pay for college in a manageable way, provide assistance for you while you are there, and help support you once you graduate.

Lumni funding is not a loan

Instead of a loan, where you have to pay back the amount you owe plus interest, at Lumni you pay back a fixed % of your paycheck for a set period of time.

If your funded amount is small, you have a low-paying job, or you can’t find work, the payments are low. And if you have a high-paying job, you can afford it!

We do not require a collateral

We evaluate you based on your potential to succeed in college and your career, not on your current financial assets.

We offer college & career help

Funding your education is just the beginning. We help you achieve your college and career goals by offering a host of additional support services.

You don’t pay anything until you graduate

Repayment doesn’t begin until you get your first job after graduation

Selection Process

There are 6 stages in our selection process

What you need to know to apply:

Support Services

Lumni has a method of comprehensive support and capacity building for students through specialized workshops and programs—which seek to boost the students success during their studies and beyond.


How does Lumni work?

Lumni provides higher education financing through Income Share Agreements (ISAs), which strengthen the talent and ensure that the financial gap is not an obstacle that hinders the professional-academic development of talented young people.

Does Lumni lend me money as if it were a bank or finance company?
Is it a loan?

Lumni is not a moneylender. The funds managed by Lumni invest in human capital so students can finish their studies and do well after graduation. In return, students commit to repay to Lumni a percentage of their salary after graduation, for a fixed period of time. Both the percentage and the period of time is agreed when the ISA is signed by both parties.

If I already have another university loan, or any other finance aid, can I still request financing with Lumni?

You can! The funds have been designed to help you close the gap between what you have financed through your work, family contributions, scholarships, etc., and whatever you need to finish paying for enrollment and expenses.

Student Testimonials:

Juan José Trujillo Arbelaez

Civil Engineering

Universidad de los Andes

Talento Fund, Colombia

Thanks to the Talento Fund’s workshops I have learned how to deal with people in a more professional way.

Also, while studying, I can work and pay the money granted by the Fund; even when it is a small amount every month, it creates a big sense of responsibility.

Furthermore, the guidance my Student Manager is essential, because sometimes one can get lost between the studies and the work.

These are some of Lumni’s contributions they do not teach at university, and they add value to us students as opposed to others who do not have the Fund’s support.

Rena Stone

Fisk University, TN

Hometown: Oakland, Ca

Major: Business and Psychology

Abandoned by a drug-addicted mother at birth and raised by her young cousin in one of the Bay Area´s toughest neighborhoods, Rena faced abuse and violence during her younger years and found herself caught up with a gang. Despite this, Rena managed to pull herself out of each tough situation and worked hard to get into high school and get into Fisk University. Rena kives waling the walls that W.E.B Debois walked before her. Rena graduated from Fisk in Spring 2013 and currently is studying a Master in Education in the Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education in Boston, Massachusetts.